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Where are you based & how far do you travel?
We live on the north side of Indianapolis, where we work and rehearse out of our home.  We tour throughout the U.S., and try to do at least one international trip each year.
What's your musical style?
We cater to both Christian and secular venues.  Our primary focus is rock-style worship leading, covering songs from Hillsong United, as well as bands like Kutlass, David Crowder, Chris Tomlin & Lincoln Brewster.  In that context, we love serving Christian schools, youth groups, camps, and para-church ministries. 

In addition, we also offer evangelistic outreach events and even some entertainment functions such as community festivals and fairs.  These concerts typically incorporate current hits from secular radio - e.g., Bono, Lost Prophets, KT Tunstall, Michelle Branch - as well as  classic rock favorites from artists like Lynard Skynard,
Kool & the Gang, and Thin Lizzy.

What kind of events have you done?
We've performed for Christian school chapels & assemblies, Christian camps, youth gatherings, retreats, conferences, youth detention centers, IRL (Indy Racing League) and NASCAR weekends, festivals, community events, and various outreach efforts sponsored by churches and para-church organizations.  Internationally, we've done concerts in Romania, Turkey, China, and Lebanon. 

What motivates you to do this?
Next to our relationship with Jesus Christ, youth and family are our passion!  We truly believe that "as it goes with the family, so it goes with the nation."  Families today face overwhelming challenges, and our mission is to be an encouragement to those who may be questioning whether theirs could ever have a close relationship.  We also want to give teenagers hope that a lasting marriage in their future IS possible, and to make wise choices at this point in their lives.  Ultimately, our heart is to communicate to our audiences in a clear and relevant way, that God can transform even the most hopeless situation.

What's it like performing together as a family?
Generally, it's a blast!  We get to take lots of trips together, meet great people, and eat some pretty amazing (OK, interesting) food.  But just imagine the thrill of cramming everyone into a single hotel room, witnessing frequent demonstrations of "brotherly" love over who gets what seat in the van, the joys of performing with the stomach flu, or perhaps spending the night in a foreign airport, and you might get a small glimpse of life in the Boyd band. 

What do you do about school?
The guys have been home schooled from the beginning.  It gives us more flexibility with all the traveling we do, not to mention some great field trips.

What does it cost to use your band?
We would be glad to discuss financial details with you.  Simply send us your inquiry by using the "contact us" link on this website!

How do I start growing as a Christian?

Here are some websites that will help you in your new relationship with Christ:

A lot of people today question Christian beliefs and values.  Where do I go for answers?

Check these out!

Have any other recommended websites?

These are definitely worth a look . . .

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