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Let's just say, it's not the "typical" family activity . . . being in a rock band with your kids. OK, for that matter, being in a rock band with your parents? Highly irregular.

You might be sitting there thinking, "wow, that's really cool." Then again, you might be thinking, "these people are really nuts . . . I'd rather be locked in my house with a whole heap of junior highers doing an all-nighter."

On any given day, either one of these thoughts can define life at the Boyd house, because BOTH of those thoughts frequently cross our minds. Of course, let's not mention the fact that we actually DO host all-nighters almost every weekend, because these guys are constantly inviting their friends over. And what's really crazy . . . we actually encourage this. Anybody have the number for the local funny farm?

The truth is we love being together as a family. We also love having a house full of teenagers. That's not to say we don't have our moments during the day (and night), but all in all, this has been one adventure we're glad we haven't missed.

At age 18, Brandon is believed to be one of the most social beings on the planet. "The party's at my house" is his philosophy of life. As far as he's concerned, the vacancy sign is out, and the rates are cheap, so hey . . . come on over. In fact, while you're at it, open up the fridge and help yourself. And they do. Quite often in fact. What was the line in that movie? "Build it and they will come?" They need a sequel. "Feed them and they will keep coming . . . "

Incredibly good looking (his own words), as well as being a contortionist who can turn his feet completely backwards, this guy is a rare combination of extrovert energy, extreme humility(?), and a really, really, really great sense of humor. Definitely a case study for some psych major . . . or, perhaps, video game enthusiast (Brandon has yet to meet a video game he doesn't like or want to own).


Shaun's pretty much the man. He's our 16 year-old 'go-to' guy if we want anything done around the house . . . you know, one of those generally "responsible" type kids who drives his brothers crazy. In fact, he has the nick-name, Mr. Perfect. (What is it about drummers?) Add to that his classic dry sense of humor, and you've got a great straight man . . . especially when teamed up with his comedian brother, Brandon.

One of his little known secrets - he's a closet artist. You put a pen or pencil in this guy's hands, and it's not long before he's doodling and drawing SOMETHING. His parents hope someday he'll become a master architect and support them during their retirement. He hopes someday he'll become a famous video game designer and earn a 6 figure salary. Wonder which one's gonna win out there?

Ryan is one passionate 14 year-old. Whatever he gets into...he REALLY gets into it. It started out with bowling when he was  young, followed quickly by money,  baseball, guitar, and most recently, his hair.  After all, a guy's gotta be concerned about how he looks - especially when you're the girl magnet of the group, which is actually kind of funny in itself, since all three of the guys have decided to not date until college.  Oh yeah, and let's not forget video games. This kid is crazy good at almost every game he tackles - especially DDR on expert level - it's almost frightening.

His skills on guitar are equally amazing - which probably contributes significantly to the girl magnet situation.  On the flip side, school is one of his least favorite activities (imagine that). Especially algebra.  His favorite quote is, "When am I ever going to use this in real life?"  Great question.  If anyone has a good answer to that, please let his parents know.

Ahh, the rose among the thorns . . . poor thing. There's enough testosterone in this house to start an army, and there she sits, the lone representative of femininity. Fortunately, she pretty much grew up a tom-boy, so she actually LIKES having a bunch of boys around. Good thing. Even our cats are male. But frankly, you couldn't ask for a better mom and wife. In fact, SHE was the one who suggested getting rid of all the furniture in the living room and putting in a pool table. Nice.

We all shudder to think what this place would be like without her. Ever been in a bachelor apartment? Frat house? Garbage dump? Man, her work is cut out for her. No question she's the glue that holds this household together. But above all, she's the heart and soul behind our music . . . songwriter, show developer, stage director, performer, you name it . . . this band wouldn't be happening without her! And we would all agree . . . she's the best cook in the universe. After all, she has a whole neighborhood to feed.

Rumor has it, this dude was actually a "trombone major" in college. He was obviously pursuing the "pre-unemployment" career path when he decided on that one. Fortunately, a few of his other skills got him by later in life . . . and by the way, if you happen to figure out what those are, please let HIM know. It certainly wasn't his basement finishing skills - that only took 2 years, and to date, there are still a few areas that "need final touches." Another thought . . . perhaps it was his distinguished lineage, being born and raised in North Dakota. Then again, maybe not.

Now that you mention it, no one really knows HOW he got where he is today. Given the fact that he married way beyond his social skills, still has most of his hair, and has kids that generally don't mind being seen with him in public, leads one to the possible conclusion that he's been pretty fortunate in life thus far. Of course, there's the minor fact that God has been ridiculously merciful.

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