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What Students Are Saying!


"I just wanted to say that what you guys are doing is incredible.  I recently read a book called the "Irresistible Revolution," which was basically about teens rising up to be leaders, and the whole time you were here I just saw exactly what the book was talking about.  Teens seeing other guys their own age standing up for what's right will make a real difference.  Thank you for being the ones to go against the flow and for boldly using the gifts God has given you.  God has huge plans for this generation, and seeing your family is reassurance of that!  Stay strong and open to what God wants to speak in and through you.  You are a blessing!

“I’ve been teaching at this school for 10 years . . . this was the best chapel we’ve ever had.”

“You guys made us think again where we are going with our lives.  Please come back!”

“Keep doing what you’re doing and keep following God!  I have made the commitment to not have sex before marriage!”

“You guys are an awesome band!  I love your outlook on dating . . . it inspired me to not date until college also!”

 “Thanks – I’ve already decided to wait, and you’ve just strengthened my resolve.”

“I love you guys!  Your speech really touched my heart.  Also love the music!”

 “I’m really glad somebody finally brought the message that you brought to our high school.  THANK YOU!”

“Your family taught me to have a good and loving relationship with God.”

“I agree with you guys and respect your decisions.  There should be more people like you guys.”

“This is the most involved our HS has ever been with worship.”

“I haven’t worshipped in chapel all year, but I was totally jumping all over the place today!  Thanks!”

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